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WCRM Custom Build

As low as: $1,099

3 Year Warranty Handcrafted 4000 Sintered Base Rockwell 48 Edges Metal Series Trad. Camber Alpine Race Configured Core

3 Year Warranty

Prior Snowboard Manufactory Ltd. warrants all products to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase.
For more info click here.

Handcrafted In Whistler, BC

All of our Snowboards, Skis and Splitboards are handcrafted in house at Prior’s custom boardshop in Whistler BC.

Each ride is built with care by skilled snow lovers using the finest quality materials while loud rock and roll is played.

4000 Base Sintering

Super slick 4000 grade sintering means you'll be first to the bottom every time.
As opposed to extruded bases in lower quality boards, sintered bases act more like a sponge sucking up all the wax you can throw at them keeping you ahead of your friends!

Rockwell 48 Steel Edges

We use strong edges.
Whether carving hard or smashing rails, Rockwell 48 won't let you down.

Metal Series
Boards in our metal series have not one, but two sheets of Titanal sandwiching the Aspen/Maple race configured core. This provides added strength, stiffness and damping that world class racers demand.
Titanal is a blend of Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Zirconium.

Traditional Camber
This board comes with traditional camber tip to tail for maximum pop, effective edge and edge hold.

Race Configured Core
The Race Configured Core consists of a 1/4" Maple and 1/4" Aspen vertical lamination which provides extra stiffness and stability while keeping the board lightweight.

Choose Your Graphics


Topsheet Materials

Prior shops the world for the best topsheet materials available. For winter 2012/13 we are offering three different topsheet composites:


SG = Sublimated Gloss

  • Lightest topsheet material in our line.
  • Provides vibrant, accurate color reproduction over entire color spectrum.
  • Gloss finish.
  • The graphics are sublimated onto a shiny, white topsheet material via a heat transfer method.


BG = Backprinted Gloss

  • Produces a shiny, durable finish.
  • The graphics are screened to the bottom of this clear shiny topsheet material.
  • Non printed areas of the graphics provide windows into the wood core.


BM = Backprinted Mat

  • Provides a durable mat finish and hides any scratches keeping boards and skis looking fresh.
  • The graphics are applied to the bottom of a clear mat topsheet material.
  • Non-printed areas of the graphics provide windows into the wood core.
  • Chunky White (BG)

  • Classic Blue (BG)

  • Screaming Trees (SG)

  • Transcender (SG)

  • The Native (SG)

  • The Voyage (SG)

  • Arrow (SG)

  • Delirium (SG)

  • Brother Beaver (BG)

  • Chunky Neon (BG)

  • Chunky Purple (BG)

  • Label White

  • Label Red

  • Label Neon

  • Chunky Yellow/Pink

  • Chunky Pink/Yellow

  • Chunky Red/Black

  • Chunky Maple Red/White

  • Chunky Maple White/Red

  • Chunky Neon/Black

  • Chunky Black/Neon

  • Chunky Pink/Black

  • Chunky White/Purple

  • Chunky Purple/White

  • Rainbow

  • Spectrum

  • Spectrum Invert

  • Bloodwork

Choose Your Length

This size is currently out of stock, build times will vary significantly.
Call for more info:
Whistler and International: 604-935-1923
North America Toll Free: 1-877-93-PRIOR
Email: info@priorsnow.com

Choose Your Finish

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All Prior Boards & Skis are factory tuned by our custom technicians and machines. A Factory Tuned board finish includes:

• Machined 89° edges and 1° bevel that are detuned tip and tail.

• Speed polished bases with machined universal wax.

• Filed/sanded topsheet sidewalls.

*More detailed custom tuning is available via our Pro Tune Service.

Your new Prior board comes finished with factory machined 90° edge and 1° bevel, speed polish base finish and machine wax. For extra performance we recommend having your new Prior snowboard hand-tuned to your specifications by the pros at the Prior factory. A Pro Tune includes the following:

Hand edge tuning
The side edge is hand filed to 90 degrees and the base beveled at 1 degree. The board edges are then hand finished with a diamond stone. If you would like your edges pro-tuned to other specifications please add this to the comments box on your order.
Note: All Prior boards (except alpine models) are detuned approx. 3cm along the effective edge on the tip and tail.

Custom hot wax
For maximum wax saturation we iron on your desired temperature of wax thoroughly and let it set. Once it is dry, your board is scraped, brush structured and buffed for maximum glide and moisture release.

Wax options include:

    • Warm (+5°C to -6°C)
    • Universal (-7°C to -11°C)
    • Cold (-11°C and below)

XCK Carbon Kevlar Construction
This board is also available in XCK Carbon Kevlar Construction for the lightest and popiest solid boards in our fleet.
This construction utilizes a perfect blend of carbon and kevlar wrapped around an aspen and maple core creating the most high performance board we have released to date.
XCK Carbon/Kevlar construction is an upgrade available on all solid boards.

Tri. Glass
Our 21oz. triaxialy weaved glass is a stitched fabric with glass fibers running in three directions +45, -45, and 0 degrees; it also has 10 carbon pop rods running lengthwise through the fabric and the board. The triaxial material is layered on each side of a vertically laminated maple and aspen woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls and bases and nylon topsheets.This glass/carbon configuration adds extra pop, weight savings, responsiveness and stability.


Prior WCRM from Prior Snowboards on Vimeo.

The World Cup race Metal (WCRM) is more than just a board. Its heritage is represented in the name but it is indeed a full blown corduroy carving machine designed to have fun on the groomed stuff. Modern characteristics such as the flex, radius and new slightly rockered nose and tail shape, create a board where the running length is actually significantly shorter than the effective edge. With the low profile nose the board hugs the snow. It is smooth for straight lining but once you start to initiate your turn the nose hooks up and provides a little extra bite that makes it extremely stable through a variety of terrain.

Profile: Traditional Camber for maximum edge grip and post turn energy, combined with a very slight short early rise in the tip for lightning fast turn initiation.

Rider Type: Intermediate and advanced carvers.

Best For: Superior edge hold and aggressive recreational carving. 

Rock On.

Metal/Carbon Construction

Carbon provides greater strength to weight ratio than regular fiberglass - this results in a lighter, snappier board. Metal provides stability, dampness and edge hold. Carbon, Metal and 2 very thin layers of Rubber provide the perfect combination for ultimate performance.

Sandwich construction

Aluminum (Titanal) alloy - two layers

Wood core - tip to tail. Vertically laminated Aspen/Maple race configuration

Full-wrap steel edges (premium quality Rockwell 48 hardness)

6mm stainless steel inserts

Two layers of unidirectional carbon fiber

TLT epoxy resin system

Backprinted nylon topsheet

Prior rubber dampening system

UHMW graphite sintered base with Stone Grind finish

Shatterproof UHMW sidewalls with 12 degree angle


Cat Mitchell Roy 

Cat Mitchell Roy originally came to Whistler on a road trip from Qubec. She fell in love with the area and a visit that was supposed to last two weeks is now going on five years. The mountains feed the soul and inspire Cat to be creative. Before moving to Whistler, she obtained a bachelor's degree at Bishop's University with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Fine Arts. Whistler is an ideal place for these two passions.

Cat has had a love for the arts since she was a toddler. Art has become her form of meditation and escape. With much of her recent work containing fine lines, detail and pattern, she gets lost in a piece for hours at a time. Her preferred mediums are painting and ink drawing, with surrealist, art nouveau and comic book art influences.

Check out CMR ART on facebook to see more of her artwork.


Kris Kupskay 

Kris Kupskay (KUPS) decided to make Whistler home just over a year ago to pursue a life closer to the mountains. He looks to inspire his audience using colour and charm. Bringing styles of street art and realism into his work, having FUN is the first objective.

Nature is energy and shows up in his work. Mediums of choice include Spray Paint and Acrylic (with airbrush and oils close behind). Shows, demo’s, and commissions are all in Kris’s interest. His main focus is to paint destination murals. This will consist of getting on a plane and going from country to country painting pieces while enjoying a new environment, soaking up the sun, and culture.

Take a look at his site thehiddenagendaprojects.com


Justin Ormiston 

Justin grew up skateboarding, snowboarding and attending art/photography classes in Ontario until he made the move to Whistler in 1998. He alternated between snowboarding in Whistelr and surfing in Hawaii and in his spare time he experimented with Acrylic paint and charcoal.

He slowly started designing tattoos for friends and his tattoo apprenticeship began in 2003. After one year of learning under the guidance of Robin Dutcher, he began his tattoo career in 2004. He worked with Robin and Dave Petko at Black Ohm until October 2007 and on January 1st, 2008 he opened a private tattoo shop named Ormiston Inkworks Ltd. (Now Called Electric Uprising)

To this date he continues to work out of his private tattoo studio and art gallery here in Whistler. Justin's creativity and unique style have become renowned in the area. To find out more and to view his works, go to electricuprising.com


Leah Winhold 

Like most of us here in Whistler, Leah is an Ontario transplant. She left the East in search of something more, something new and different. She was quickly captivated by the lifestyle and the beautiful mountain backdrop the northwest has to offer. The western way usually leads to one form of self expression or another.
While some are happy to paint on these snowy mountain peaks with their skis or boards, Leah also has chosen digital art, acrylics and water colours as her creative mediums.

With an advanced diploma in Graphic Design, Leah’s days are filled with creativity. After developing her painting skills as a hobby and graphic design as a career and passion, she looks to be ready to make her mark as one of Whistler’s up and coming young artists.

Find more of her work here: facebook.com/SALTart.design


Vanessa Stark 

Vanessa Stark’s (Nes’) work is heavily influenced by mountain life. It is a colorful harmony of bold lines and whimsical movement brought together in perfect balance.

Her intuitive painting style has developed into a unique signature style. As in nature, there is never a perfectly straight line or completely still moment. There is a story in every piece. Vanessa moved to Whistler at a very young age to pursue her love of riding mountains.

She now lives in Pemberton where she continues to ride boards and bikes with the new addition of chasing around a 1 year old toddler.

Hit up vanessastarkart.com for a closer look at her work.


Kate Zessel 

Kate Zessel grew up in Vancouver, however spent her weekends and summers here in Whistler. After graduating from the Art Institute for Graphic Design she spent a year freelancing in the city and decided to go traveling. Her true passion was in illustrating and painting and the dream was always to design skis and snowboards. She recently moved to Whistler this year to spend her time skiing and following that passion.

Her designs have been strongly influenced by the mountains and BC wildlife. Most of her pieces contain these elements and are put together with highly detailed line work and tribal patterns. Art has always been a way for her to decompress and most of the time there is little thought behind her pieces. She puts pen to paper and just sees where it goes.

Kate's Prior design Arrow was all hand drawn and than over laid on a wood backdrop. It incorporates her two passions and she is incredibly stoked to spend this season riding a solid pair of skis with her topsheet design!

Take a look at her website and online store here.


Olivier Roy

Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992 after getting a degree in fine art. Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of professional snowboarder and artist. In recent years Olivier has been focusing on larger canvases, doing live painting events and also painting large-scale murals in Montreal with the Mu organization. In his personal work, he is inspired by the dramatic West Coasts scenery and active lifestyle he leads.

Olivier enjoys exploring different subject matters and painting techniques with every new piece. He has been part of numerous galleries and group shows including his first solo exhibit in 2009 at Le Centre in Vancouver and, in 2011, and a major group show with the En Masse collective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. Currently, he spends his time between Montreal and Whistler working as a snowboard coach, freelance artist/graphic designer, muralist and set painter on major circus, theatre and motion picture productions.

Oli's Screaming Trees graphic represents his the third topsheet he has contributed to the Prior line.

For a more detailed look into Oli's work please view his website olivierroy.ca


Clarence Mills

A Haida native from Skidegate in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Clarence Mills is an established Haida artist known throughout the world. His works sell in museums, galleries and native art shops throughout Europe and North America. He creates glass totems, engraved silver and gold jewelry, cedar and glass bowls, doors and limited edition prints, but Mills’ claim to fame rests in his prowess as a carver.

He was a featured artist at Expo 86 in Vancouver and Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia where he carved a six meter totem pole that graced the entrance outside the Canadian Pavilion. In 1997, he was commissioned to carve a 4 meter high cedar totem for a native exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Mills has been given a gift from his ancestors. He endows his creations with a powerful energy, smooth flowing style and images that speak through his symbolic Haida figures. He strives for one achievement – to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to the spirits of the land and all its creatures.

The Haida Eagle Topsheet is the most popular graphic ever used in the Prior line and this current version of it is the 4th year that it has been in the line in various forms. 


Helen Wojcik


My name is Helen.

Among many things, I like to paint.

For many years now I have wanted my art on a ski or snowboard top sheet. Needless to say I am very excited. I just wanted to create something beautiful, and something I Love.

Just because.

I hope you appreciate what is in front of you, as it is my work at its finest.

Heart you




Klara Hanakova 

Klara Hanakova is a charismatic young artist specializing in finely detailed black ink drawings against watercolour backgrounds.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Klara travelled extensively before coming to Whistler in mid 2012. Her love the great outdoors and boarding have allowed her to draw inspiration from her surroundings and the "live to ride" lifestyle.

Klara's artwork reflects what many people find in Whistler: a spiritual freedom and the mystical natural beauty within the mountains.


Kevin Mckay

My name is Kevin McKay. I’m a 29 year old artist living in North Vancouver BC. Drawing is a huge passion of mine. Growing up, I have always drawn for fun and still do. I’m a self taught artist with a vast imagination. I’m often caught zoning out, really just thinking up the next creation!

I apply different styles of art not only to canvas. I have spray painted shoes for my wedding. As well as customized little toddlers shoes. I do a lot of art on snowboards and skateboards. I paint some as art pieces as well as make snowboard benches and other furniture with colourful designs. I am on an ongoing adventure with art, and love every minute of it! 


Custom Shapes

The Prior shop has been making custom "one off" snowboards since 1990. The layout and design of our factory has been built with this in mind. We can make a board to pretty much any shape and flex pattern you want. The following chart outlines prices for common revisions to existing templates:

Description C$ surcharge
Custom flex (softer or stiffer)     $70*
Narrowing waist $150*
Widening waist $150*
Custom templates (including taper changes)       $300*

 *These prices are estimates, and are variable depending on the shape and your specific request. 1cm widening or above needs a custom template.

Complete Custom Shapes
If your dream board requires more than the revisions listed above please email us with your ideas. Some discussion will be required to determine the best performance results. Ultimately the price will be determined by the complexity of the project.

Lead Times
4-8 weeks upon confirmed order.

Extra Notes
Above surcharges are in addition to price of board.
Prices may change depending upon degree of difficulty.
length restrictions = 205cm
width restrictions = tip/tail 34cm, waist 28.5cm


Custom Graphics

Prior has been offering custom graphics since 1990 and provides a complete custom topsheet and base graphic service. This is ideal for riders who want a one-of-a-kind look on their Prior board, and for companies who desire special corporate gifts and/or promotions.

Topsheets      Qty  Description C$ surcharge
  Single One off custom topsheets $300
  2-5 units Custom topsheets $275
  6-10 units     Custom topsheets $230
  11+ units Custom topsheets Call/email
Bases Qty Description C$ surcharge
  Single One off custom diecut base     $300
  2-5 units Custom diecut base $275
  6-10 units Custom diecut base $230
  11+ units Custom diecut base Call/email

If you would like one of our diecut base designs in a different colour, the cost will be much less!

Topsheet Artwork

Topsheet design and colour options are almost unlimited. We can print topsheets of photo color quality. All topsheets are sublimated onto a white, gloss nylon topsheet for a professional look and finish. (sorry we cannot sublimate onto a clear topsheet material therefore clear windows are not an option for one off customs). Above prices based on receipt of art in digital file format in either of the following formats:

* For art that is done in vector based (ie. Illustrator or similar) program we require artwork in PDF or AI format.

* For bit mapped based art (ie. Photoshop or similar) we require TIFF, PSD or PDFformats. The File size must be 300 DPI in rectangular shape that measures 6cm longer than desired board length x 34cm wide. Note that files will likely be in excess of 100MB and can be sent by Dropbox etc or droped off at the factory.


Base Artwork

Prior offers diecut custom bases in one to three colors. As base colors are actually cut with a knife there are some design limitations. We ask that you first email a low res jpeg file to us for review and approval.


For any custom topsheet or shaping project you will need to contact our sales staff for guidance and accurate quotes. Please email will (will@priorsnow.com) or call 604 935 1923 to chat about your custom artwork or other custom options.

Shipping Info 

Prior ships everywhere!

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Item Destination Carrier Days
1 snowboard or pair of skis Anywhere in Canada FedEx Ground 1 - 5 $35 $30
    FedEx 1 $90 $78
  Continental USA FedEx Ground 3 - 5 $60 $52
    FedEx 1 $120 $104
  Alaska or Hawaii FedEx 2 - 3 $100 $86
  Outside North America (Northern hemisphere) FedEx 2 - 5 $135 $117
  Outside North America (Southern hemisphere)
2 - 5
$195 $168
1 splitboard
(naked or with kit & skins)
Anywhere in Canada FedEx Ground 1 - 5 $40 $35
    FedEx 1 $100 $86
  Continental USA FedEx Ground 3 - 5 $65 $56
    FedEx 1 $90 $78
  Alaska or Hawaii FedEx 2 - 3 $110 $95
  Outside North America (Northern hemisphere)
FedEx 2 - 5 $150 $130
  Outside North America (Southern hemisphere)
2 - 5
$210 $181
1 set bindings Anywhere in Canada FedEx Ground 1 - 5 $20 $17
    FedEx 1 $55 $48
  Continental USA FedEx Ground 3 - 5 $30 $26
    FedEx 1 $70 $60
  Alaska or Hawaii FedEx 2 - 3 $55 $48
  Outside North America (Northern hemisphere) FedEx 3 - 5 $100 $86
  Outside North America (Southern hemisphere) FedEx
3 - 5
$130 $112
1 clothing item
or accesory
Anywhere in Canada Post 1 - 5 $15 $13
  Continental USA Post 5 - 10 $16 $14
    FedEx Ground 3 - 5 $25 $22
    FedEx 1 $70 $60
  Alaska or Hawaii Post 7 - 14 $16 $14
    FedEx 2 - 3 $55 $48
  Outside North America Post 20.-.40 $20 $17
    FedEx 3 - 5 $70 $60


Online orders receive 12% off shipping!

All accessories and binding orders placed with snowboard, splitboard or ski orders are shipped at half price.

Additional snowboards or skis on multiple ski or board orders are shipped at half price.

For multiple accessory only orders each additional accessory is shipped at half price.

Shipping time is approximation only; exact time in transit may vary.

FedEx overnight shipping from Monday to Friday. Some locations may not apply. Saturday deliveries available to major centers only.

Coming to Whistler? You can choose to pick up your order at the Prior Factory and no shipping costs will apply. The option to 'Pick Up' will appear during the online order process. Note for Non-Canadian residents, standard HST (12% tax) will be applied to Pick Up orders.

Once all information is included in online order form exact shipping costs will appear.
If you have additional shipping questions, or would like to make special shipping arrangements, please email us via our Contact Us page.
*** Special rates may apply to certain remote areas.