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WCRM 163cm #21837

$1099 CAD

Length: 163CM

Top Sheet: custom clear

Base Sheet:No


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WCRM 163cm #21837
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  • WCRM 163cm #21837
  • WCRM 163cm #21837

Ex Demo: Brand New! Pristine Condition and ready to rail! 

The World Cup Race Metal (WCRM) is more than just a race board. Its heritage is represented in the name but it is indeed a full blown corduroy fall line carving machine designed to have fun on the groomed stuff. Modern characteristics such as the flex, radius and new slightly rockered nose shape create a board where the running length is actually significantly shorter than the effective edge. With the low profile hammerhead nose the board hugs the snow. It's smooth for straight lining, but once you
start to initiate your turn the nose hooks up and provides that little extra bite that sets your turn and makes it extremely stable through a variety of terrain. Once the hill gets all chopped up this is the machine to have as it cuts through chunder with ease without booting out.

Camber – Traditional Camber

Best for – carving, gates and recreational racing

Rider type – alpine enthusiasts seeking incredible edge hold and carvability

Metal/Carbon Construction

Carbon provides greater strength to weight ratio than regular fiberglass - this results in a lighter, snappier board. Metal provides stability, dampness and edge hold. Carbon, Metal and 2 very thin layers of Rubber provide the perfect combination for ultimate performance.

Sandwich construction

Aluminum (Titanal) alloy - two layers

Wood core - tip to tail. Vertically laminated Aspen/Maple race configuration

Full-wrap steel edges (premium quality Rockwell 48 hardness)

6mm stainless steel inserts

Two layers of unidirectional carbon fiber

TLT epoxy resin system

Backprinted nylon topsheet

Prior rubber dampening system

UHMW graphite sintered base with Stone Grind finish

Shatterproof UHMW sidewalls with 12 degree angle

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