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Spearhead 172cm #16413

$749 CAD

Length: 172CM

Top Sheet: Pow hog

Base Sheet: Prior white/red/black


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Board Specific Info: Brand New! Ready to mount and shred many Pow filled winters.

The Spearhead, Prior’s big-mountain powder freeride board, provides incredible freeride performance and versatility. Big alpine bowls to tight treed sections, the Spearhead handles it all. The Spearhead's defined, gradually up-sloping nose rocker profile provides unparalleled powder trim and non catch edge-to-edge turnability. Its modest sidecut, taper and camber thru the chassis give enhanced performance and drive.

The Spearhead is named after the powder filled Spearhead Range which sits just behind Blackcomb Mountain here in Whistler. We like riding there and much of the Spearhead R&D was done in its chutes.

Camber – Early rise tip

Best for – powder, wide open bowls, glades, trees, hardpack, crud, and variable snowpack.

Rider type – The rider who craves powder and wants a board that excels in the powder yet performs on-piste and everywhere you want to ride

Triaxial Fiberglass with Single Carbon Beam

21oz. Tri glass single carb is a stitched fabric with glass fibers running in three directions +45, -45, and 0 degrees; it also has a 5cm wide 9-count carbon centre beam running lengthwise through the fabric and along the center of the board. The triaxial material is layered on each side of a vertically laminated maple and aspen woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls and bases and nylon topsheets. This glass/carbon configuration adds extra pop, performance and weight savings compared with regular triaxial glass without impacting torsional flexion.

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