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AStar 193cm #20748

Regular Price: $999.00

Special Price: $749.00

Length: 193CM

Top Sheet: Haida Black

Base Sheet:No

Construction: Quadglass


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AStar 193cm #20748
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  • AStar 193cm #20748
  • AStar 193cm #20748

Ski Specific Info: Brand new! 

Big, Fat, & Floaty. The A-Star is brand spankin’ new for 2013 and is the widest ski Prior has released to date. At up to 125mm underfoot the A-Star is Prior’s quiver ski for the super deep. The hybrid rocker profile allows the skis to be extremely nimble and versatile in a variety of soft snowpacks while guaranteeing the ability to come up for air when needed.

XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all A-Stars and saves an average of 500 grams (1lb 1oz) off our regular quad glass Ski construction. 

Profile: Hybrid Rocker

Best for: Steep and Deep. When coming up for air is a priority and when sticking deep landings is a must.

Rider Type: Expert off piste skiers.

Mounting Recommendations - The A Star’s mounting point is open to interpretation. Although Boot Center is recommended, it can be moved forward up to 5 cm’s for a progressive upright style skier and back as far as 2 cm’s from Boot Center for an aggressive race stanced skier.


Length (cm) 183
Tip (mm) 148
Waist (mm) 123
Tail (mm) 131
Taper (mm) 17
Radius (m) 25

Quadglass Ski Weight (g) 

 XTC Carbon (g)



Skier Weight (kg/lb) 75-110/

Quadglass Construction

Quadraxial/Carbon glass is a stitched fabric with glass fibers running in four directions (30, 30, 0 and 90 degrees). It also contains two 6cm-wide, 9-count carbon strips running lengthwise along the center of each ski. The Quadglass material is layered on each side of a vertically laminated maple woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls and bases and nylon topsheets. The fiberglass/carbon configuration of quad glass creates increased torsional and longitudinal stiffness. Quad glass is an excellent option for aggressive riders seeking additional stiffness, snap and a damp stable ride.

quadglass ski

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