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BC Split 172cm #22441

Regular Price: $899.00

Special Price: $675.00

Length: 172CM

Top Sheet: Oh Deer

Base Sheet:Chunky Yellow/Pink

Construction: Quadglass

BC Split 172cm #22441
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  • BC Split 172cm #22441
  • BC Split 172cm #22441

Board Specific Info: Brand New! Pristine Condition!

Board comes with tip/tail clips and Chinese hooks. All other splitboard hardware is available on our accessories page.

The Backcountry Splitboard is designed to provide a smooth, fast ride in the complete gamut of winter conditions. Hybrid Rocker frees up the tip and tail resulting in a mindblowing powder ride and effortless edge-to-edge transition. Its classic freeride chassis has a moderately long sidecut for maximum uphill efficiency and powerful, stable turns with solid edgehold on the way down. Minimal taper provides extra power and drive off the tail. The BC split is the most popular board amongst snowboarders who make their living in the backcountry.

Profile – Hybrid Rocker

Best for – Multi day trekking, Fall-line speed, powder, crud, hardpack, crust - all winter snowpacks. 

Rider type - Self propelled backcountry freeriders, splitboard guides and explorers whose style is more geared towards fall line speed and large arcing turns. It's also popular with multi-day trekkers seeking to maximize their skinning efficiency without compromising downhill performance.

Available in traditional Quadglass Construction or Prior's new XTC Carbon Construction.

XTC Carbon Construction

Our high-performance XTC Carbon Construction brings splitboard technology to the next level. XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade on all splitboards and saves an average of 500grams (1lb 3oz) off each board. Weight reduction continues to be key to backcountry access as less weight means more vertical with less physical exertion. Ensuring that there is no decrease in performance with weight savings is often thought of as the Holy Grail for backcountry gear manufacturers and XTC takes a big leap towards that spiritual cup. In layman’s terms XTC Carbon Construction uses the same vertically laminated maple and aspen woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls, 4001 sintered bases and nylon topsheets as in their traditional construction but replaces the fiberglass weave with Prior’s newly developed XTC carbon material.

Quadglass Construction

Our quadraxial glass/carbon composite (quad glass) is a stitched fabric with fibers running in four directions (+30, -30, 0 and +90 degrees). It also contains two 6cm-wide, 10-count carbon strips running lengthwise down the center of each board half. The quadglass material is layered on each side of a vertically laminated maple and aspen woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls, 4001 sintered bases and nylon topsheets. The fiberglass/carbon configuration of quadglass creates a responsive, long lasting ride with excellent torsional stability. The additional directional weave creates enhanced torsional stiffness in comparison to the triaxial fiberglass construction.


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