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Swallowtail Split 172cm #23731

Regular Price: $1,199.00

Special Price: $899.00

Length: 172CM

Top Sheet: Transender

Base Sheet:Basic Black/Green

Construction: Quadglass


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Swallowtail Split 172cm #23731
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  • Swallowtail Split 172cm #23731
  • Swallowtail Split 172cm #23731

Brand New!

The Swallowtail Splitboard provides the most efficient, directional powder ride of all our splitboard styles. This board performs in all conditions; however, its true beauty is experienced in glades and alpine bowls that are full of untouched powder. Its swallowtail shape allows for a more even stance resulting in an effortless, powerful powder ride that keeps you climbing for more. Set yourself free...

The proven swallowtail design means that the tail sinks in the powder - as a result the rider can power equally off both feet and does not have to lean back to keep his/her tip up which means no more back leg burn in the powder.

Profile- Nose Rocker

Best for - Excels in soft open bowl and gladed powder of all descriptions. Also rides well in hardpack, crud, and variable snowpack.

Rider type - Self propelled backcountry adventurers and powder hounds that ride directionally and want the added benefits of the swallowtail design.


Quadglass Construction

Prior Snowboards' quadraxial glass/carbon composite (quad glass) is a stitched fabric with fibers running in four directions (+30, -30, 0 and +90 degrees). It also contains two 6cm-wide, 10-count carbon strips running lengthwise 4cm from the center of the board. The Quadglass material is layered on each side of a vertically laminated maple and aspen woodcores combined with UHMW sidewalls and bases and nylon topsheets. The fiberglass/carbon configuration of quad glass creates a responsive, long lasting ride with excellent torsional stability. The additional directional weave creates enhanced torsional stiffness in comparison to the triaxial fibreglass construction.


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