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Alicia Clark

Painted in acrylics, using three colours and three brushes.
Inspired by loving the rush of charging steep tree lines. Howling out in the spirit of a wolf with silky smooth agility. A Russian roulette of rhythm and power,  wild and at one with the elements. 

The forest spirit

Angela Fulton
The feeling inside you as you swoop and soar between the stoic old growth. Riding trees allows us to revel in the power and majesty of the magnificent old growth around us.

Landing Place of the Thunderbird

Ben Healy
Since moving to this area in May 2016 I have been exploring the vast beautiful scenery that BC has to offer. The idea was inspired my my experiences so far in BC, especially one of my hikes along the Cheakamus when I first laid eyes upon the iconic mountain The Black Tusk (known as “Landing Place of the Thunderbird” to the local Squamish people). I have created piece which shows a Bears journey along a river, capturing the local environment and Inuit culture that this area represents. I created the work with detailed hand drawing techniques such as stippling with digital colour.

Mushroom Tree

Cara Burrows
Acrylic on Canvas


Chad Depner
Media: Acrylic, Ink, Stitches, and Tequila on Canvas

“Observer” was painted live with a variety of techniques starting with paint brush nunchucks and moving to a cannon loaded with paint. The hole that was created from the cannon blast was later stitched up with needle and thread. The audience watching was armed with nerf guns and darts dipped in paint. Airbrush was the main technique but normal brushes were also employed. Drinking paint and spitting it out (manual airbrush) was used with mixed results. Much fun was had by all and maybe just a tad too much fun by the painter who cannot recall some of the end of the evening. “Observer” is about the state of our observable dimension and the creatures in it observing. The universe as we know it is but a tiny fraction of the whole in which we have little to no knowledge of. What is collecting our observations we create with the knowledge we receive? The universe itself or perhaps visitors from beyond? Maybe it is our future descendents coming back through time and space to observe how their ancestors lived and how much fun they had before technology turned them into beings of pure light beyond the need for physical gratification we enjoy so much through sex, partying, and snowboarding.

Spirit of the Wild

Christin McCartney
There is a balanced battle between nature and our minds as we abandon the norm to go head to head against a mountain on a daily basis, pushing the limits regardless of how many injuries or tragedies we encounter for even just a brief moment of euphoria. The spirit of the wolf represents that appetite for freedom, an attribute that can be found amongst the travelers that find their way to calling
this place home.

Whiskey Jack Blizzard

Heidi Denessen
Mixed media drawing & painting on wood.
Finished with a resin top coat. This piece is inspired by our Whiskey Jack friends who call the local mountains home.

Sea to sky 

Kate Jones
This piece looks to represent the beautiful sea to sky corridor. Looking at nature and how we as man interact with it when adventuring and mountaineering the journey of the river. The inspiration behind this design lends itself from growing experiences of mountain life in British Columbia and the Sea to Sky Corridor. The minimal design captures a scene of original adventure within the valley and a heritage factor that is somewhat disconnected and distorted in todays snow sports and traveling wanderlust.

“Sea” to “Sky”

Kate Shea
Two words. One sensation. As a nomad by practice, traveller at heart, Kate Shea says she let her experience of “finding home in nature” be the main inspiration behind her piece. Keeping it simple, just as this type of lifestyle requires, Kate used a mainly pens and Sharpies for her design. From the “Sea to Sky,” valleys to mountain tops, Kate hopes her design helps you feel at home in the backcountry too.


Keira Robertson Worden
I am an artist who works in detail, I created this piece on a snowboard because it takes time and precision. Mandalas are very popular in today’s culture so I decided to incorporate these designs because to me they symbolize strength, perseverance and maintaining peace. To be a successful athlete, or anything at that matter it’s important to portray these qualities.
I’ve drawn boards before for friends and family, and I just want too share my art further with people who are seem to feel the same way I do!

Pacific Gravity

Michael Williams
A study in Mandala like structures, The focus of “Pacific Gravity” is the subject of Balance; and how we use it to live in this remarkable section of our planet. The dramatic interactions found between the land and sea are seemingly infinite in their complexity. Here in Whistler, we are closer to the sea than it may appear. We feel the warm breath of the ocean with every summer rainstorm, and anticipate it’s frozen cry with the first snowfall. This piece represents those interactions, and the balance
found between.


Nina Moore
This design is made using pen and ink on paper.
I drew upon my experience as a henna artist, and also as an author/illustrator of a children’s coloring book to create a detailed black and white design with a ‘coloring book’ style and feel to it. I’m always inspired by strong, powerful female roles – my coloring book is all female Canadian athletes doing their sports – and so the main focus of my theme is Skodi, the Scandinavian goddess of skiing and winter, often seen as a female counterpart to Ullr. She’s a strong, fierce and beautiful bow huntress, and the goddess of skiing – she’s got skills! Sticking with the Norse theme, I used Viking design elements, and pulled the whole piece together using principles of sacred geometry to create arcs and pathways that flow. like making turns in the snow.


Raphael Suter
Burnt trees, lakes and cougars. Kinda what you would expect to find here in the north west so why not try and capture in all on a board put together and shaped out of ply wood and more boards. to give it that log cabin feel. Done with aerosol and pigment with brushable lacker finished with a clear lacker coat.

Day of the Dead

Rebecca Piper
We are all composed of different characters in constant tension. This piece explores the good and bad within each of us through the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). Whether in the mountains or the rest of our lives, at any one time we can choose to listen to whichever voice we choose, and take whichever path it may lead us on. Understanding both sides of our nature can help us find the balance we need to make the most of the time we have.

Aliens Exist

Shane Allen
It's something as simple as using my belief in the extra terrestrial as a metaphor for the combined mindset of a group of rad people in a rad place. It embodies the eccentrics, the weirdos and the optimists, and no place embodies this mentality more than Whistler, BC.

Brave the treacherous and damn unforgiving river or golden dreams, or dare to stray from the pack whilst camping amongst the preying animales that lurk within the woods. No matter what you're about, no matter what your niche, as long as you've got homies to share it with and a fresh cold brew, Whistlers got you covered.