Snowboard Questions

Do you have wide boards for people with big feet?

We offer several "wide" boards to help prevent heel/toe drag for those with bigger feet. "Wide" models that have a 26cm waist are the MFR in all lengths, the Khyber in 165 and 170cm, the Spearhead in 166, 172 and 178cm, and the Powstick in 176 and 181cm sizes. We also offer an MFR 168 "extra wide" board with a 27cm waist width which is suitable for riders having size 12 - 14 feet. A special note for those with feet larger than size 14, we can customize boards with a waist width up to 28.5cm and a tip/tail width up to 34cm. Click on Custom Shapes for more info.

What kinds of custom options are available?

All customers can choose between various topsheet and base graphics. Length, width, flex, materials and cosmetic appearance are all possible custom features available for additional surcharges. Please go to custom shapes or custom graphics for various prices and options or contact us for more information.

My screws feel like they are stripping the inserts when I am attaching the bindings. What should I do?

Are you using the correct screws? All inserts are tested in the factory before shipment. Prior uses industry standard 6mm stainless steel inserts. If an insert is giving you problems try inserting a screw without the bindings very slowly. Make sure the screw is pointed straight down. If you still are having problems try other binding screws in the problem hole. New screws often require more effort due to the locking material on their threads.
Contact us if the problem persists.

Do you make any boards for kids?

We do not make a 'kids' specific model, but our Brandywine and our Lupin Twin are both suitable for smaller, lightweight riders and come in shorter lengths including 147 and 150cm.

What should I do to take care of my Prior snowboard?

With a little care, your Prior snowboard can last several years. We recommend that you wipe off your board with a soft towel after you use it and store in a warm dry place. Regular waxing and tuning is also important. Go to Board Tuning 101 for some helpful tips. For those of you who would rather have your board taken care of by the pros we offer a Pro Tune done here at the factory in Whistler.