Voting 2017

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Lamb Chop

Alicia "Ali Cat" Clark

Lamb Chop - acrylic painting on wood 

The forest spirit

Agnieszka (Aga) Iwanicka 

The ski is displaying the nature of British Columbia. The eagle symbolizes integrity and spirituality, while bear symbolizes strength and spiritual journey. Riding is all about battling our fears and pushing our mental boundaries forward and these animals drew on the skis/board are the rider’s good luck charms.


Andy McMillan

Snowboarding and surfing share a common ancestry. I have chosen Polynesian imagery to illustrate these origins and inject your day on the mountains with the best vibes possible. Aloha!


Aurora Moore

This piece is named ‘Subduction’. It depicts an alternate history of the world.

One where geology was less accurate and more colourful, and beasts of land and sea united in a common love for a sport that would not come into being for millions of years after their existence. But luckily, they are not in those

dimensions. No, in their reality it is as simple as planting some epic tree runs and bringing in some theatrical weather.

Maybe in the future we will see how exactly a gigantic octopus could use those ski’s he’s brandishing… but that painting would be millions of years from this one so we will have to wait as patiently as they did.

In the meantime enjoy the art!


Ben Healy

‘TAKAKKAW’ I wanted to create a piece that would demonstrate the beautiful scenery we are surrounded by in British Columbia. I was influenced from a recent visit to Yoho National park in the Rockies, which is rich in dramatic mountain ranges and glacier fed waterfalls.

From the bottom is a view between two Western Red Cedars, the provincial tree for BC. The tree on the right has partially fallen, like many trees that collapse during winter months from heavy snow. The view between the trees takes you on a journey with wildlife up a river to the striking cliff face and waterfall Takakkaw. “Takakkaw” means “it is magnificent”, and is loosely translated from Cree, a Native American language still spoken by some Canadians today.

I created the work by detailed hand drawing with fine liner pens and then digitally colouring the piece with Photoshop.

Peace Tree

Cara Burrow

The peace tree is for all those with winter in their veins.

Acrylic on Canvas.

Ode to growth and decay

Claire Gaulin-Brown

This gouache, watercolour, and ink painting is an ode to growth and decay, to not only being in the forest but becoming the forest.


Francis Bantayen

For my submission to this year’s prior topsheet contest is a drawing titled “Stockpile”, 2017. This particular piece is an on-going series inspired loosely on the idea of the bazaar markets, initially I was thinking of a place or area where people can find themselves immersed within the culture and strangely this resonated with me. Therefore, I wanted to apply my own interpretation of that idea and infuse my own influences to create a sense of “alternative world”. The drawing composition delves into the balance between mystery and humor. Furthermore, as you settle on the piece it illustrates an uncanny element then as you look closer you’re rewarded with the subtle textures from the rendering of graphite and pen.

Mother Nature

Jack McConaghy

Mother Nature is looking over you as you shred the powder that she has kindly provided. The time is now to respect Mother Nature to ensure that we have a beautiful earth to live on for the future. The tree of life is praying to the heavens for much needed rain to extinguish the wildfires threatening lives and the environment here in British Columbia .The four elements (Earth-Wind-Fire-Water) combined with a fierce riding style, Mother Nature is the key to unlocking your full potential.


Jessa Gilbert

Paintings and illustrations that celebrate exploration and wilderness.


Canadian Coho Salmon

Jon Howlett

Living in Canada has created a love of the outdoors, nature and wild animals, which has inspired me to paint local landscapes and the animals that inhabit this vast country with special focus on the bears, wolves and fish as you can see in my work.

Depths of the Island

Kaat McGill

Inspired by the mysteries and depths of the Broughton Islands BC coast

Life Cycle

Kate Shea

This design was hand drawn and then turned into vector art. The name of the piece is “Life Cycle,” which is represented through colour and composition.

Pacific Totality

Michael Willliams

Mike’s Latest piece “Pacific Totality” was an exercise in Freestyle design. He starting with the general idea of a deconstructed Yin-Yang symbol and built upon that concept with west coast imagery, beginning with simple shapes and lines flowing from mountains and islands. He was inspired by the recent Solar Eclipse to include an Eclipse phasing in the center of the board as a way to date the project, and bring a bit of Solar magic to his latest project. Having grown up on the West Coast of BC, Michael has always had a deep respect and admiration of the animals of the North Pacific. None more than the iconic Orca, which he feels is the perfect representation of the eclipse and sensation of snowboarding. An Orca whale flows with ocean currents and waves just as an athlete on a snow-board surfs the snowy hills of Whistler.

Pow Goddess

Ivsova (Marketa Ivanisova)


I used that amazing felling while you drowning in fluffy powder as inspiration to make this piece. Its infinitive softness is personified by Pow Goddess. She is beauty with native roots, freedom and independence lover. Sometimes she can be very mischievous, enjoying watching all desperate guys who are preying to have just little of new snow, but she knows she the one who sets the rules here. It is not just fun up there in mountains so I gave vulture in her hand as a symbol of humbleness, which is essential part of nice powder adventure. Wind, freezing cold air and trillions of laced snow flakes are her jewellery. I used big format acrylic painting because it provided me chance to combine colors harmonically and think trough all details during the time it took.

The Mind Bender

Meagan Oxford

This graphic was created to ignite the fire in your soul. We gain so much inspiration from the mountains, I wanted to incorporate that back into the board. To feed off each other. To instill in you that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Multi-dimensionality is the theme in this piece. You are here on this mountain, and also everywhere at once, anything is possible.

I used wood transfer prints of some of my favourite paintings and deconstructed them using various techniques to create an entirely different realm of art. I want the viewer to get lost not only in the art, but that overwhelming feeling of your soul on fire as you ride that fucking mountain.

-Wood transfer prints -Acrylic -Aerosol -Pen & Ink


Who's side are you on anyway

Vaz Art (Raffaella Vaz)

‘Who’s side are you on anyway?’ A piece by Vaz Art.

A lot of power and draw and pushing and pulling in our valley these days. Can’t even decide what mountain to ride.

Winter's Coming

Raphael Suter

The Eagle’s taking off south as the snow is beginning to fall and cover the landscape.

Winter’s coming! And its that time of year for some of us to take flight and send it off some cliffs and pillow lines!

On this years entry I wanted to capture the feeling of weightlessness and total freedom while your rippin’ down that perfect line, feeling as though you’re flying! Even better with a few friends along side to enjoy the ride. Here’s to the perfect line!

Painted on a solid piece of yellow cedar. Shaped, stained in sedona red and finished with lacker as well as pigment, ink and aerosol.

Fauna & Flora

Romney McPhie

This design depicts some of the unappreciated, ‘unsung’ fauna and flora of the Sea to Sky. We all know and love the black bear and the bald eagle, but what about the coyote, the short-eared owl, the lodgepole pine, the turkey vulture, the rainbow trout, and the western spotted skunk? Let’s show some love for an adaptable canid that tip-toes to avoid detection and howls at ambulance sirens, and for an owl that hunts in open country, preferring treeless terrain over dense, dark forest. Let’s celebrate a tree that is one of the first to grow after wildfire, with cones that require heat to release the seeds; a vulture with the largest olfactory (smelling) system of all birds; and a beautifully-marked fish with sharp upper but no lower teeth. Let’s all hail a skunk that protects itself by performing warning ‘hand stands’ and spraying its attackers from nipples on both sides of its anus!

I imagined this piece printed in black ink on a wood board.


The Incredible Amoeba (Scott Johnston)

Abominable. Acrylic on wood.

The Howl

Stacey Bodnaruk

The “Howl” artwork is created from a blend of original photography from Tofino, the Pemberton Ice Cap, the “Crystal” area of Blackcomb mountain, and layers of west coast trees, set in a crisp starry night.