Alpinist Ski Skins

$154.99 CAD 194.99

 The Prior ski skins have been designed and manufactured by G3 and embraces all the technology that they have developed over the years of manufacturing high performance backcountry equipment. The premium Alpinist ski skins have been engineered from tip to tail to be the lightest, fastest gliding, best climbing and most secure climbing skin available.

Skin Guidelines

- Keep the skins away from heat. Do not hang above stove, do not leave in the sun. This will damage the glue.

- If you waxed your splitboard, make sure all the wax is well removed before using the skins

- Please do not use solvent to clean your base, this will induce a chemical reaction with the glue of your skins

- When storing your skins, use the cheat sheets to protect the glue and store in a cool space

Size Guidelines

•Short is suitable for skins <169cm

•Medium is suitable for skins ranging from 171cm-181cm

•Long is suitable for skins ranging from 180cm-190cm

•Extra-Long is suitable for skins >190cm

Alpinist Ski Skins
Alpinist Ski Skins