Marker Squire

$149.99 CAD 215.00

Following the success of the Jester and Griffon, Marker adds another binding to the Royal Family for smaller or lighter skiers.

The Marker Squire sports a DIN range of 3-11 which suits the skier looking for a lightweight, versatile freeskiing binding that offers powerful energy transmission. The lightest binding of it's kind, the Squire is designed around a minimum ski width of 76mm.

Featuring Marker's new Triple Pivot Compact Toe and Hollow Linkage Heel the bar for lightweight is set at a scant 1540 grams. Where lightweight is good, it means nothing if the binding isn't supportive. The Triple Pivot Compact Toe addresses this as well. Using sole holder rollers and a gliding AFD the Squire offers all the retention and release capabilities Marker is known for. An aluminum strut brace stiffens the whole unit for increased support and durability. The Hollow Linkage Heel is based around a hollow aluminum axle, which saves weight but also provides maximum torsional stiffness. This all ensures a binding ideal for the smaller of lighter weight skier that demands the same performance of higher DIN bindings. The Marker Squire is a true innovation that will support anything from lightweight hard charging freeriders to the mast jarring switch landings.