Pro Tune

$50.00 CAD

Pro Tune

For extra performance we recommend having your new Prior snowboard hand-tuned to your specifications by the pros at the Prior factory. A Pro Tune includes the following:

Hand edge tuning
The side edge is machined to 89 degrees and the base beveled at 1 degree. The board edges are then hand finished with a diamond stone. If you would like your edges pro-tuned to other specifications please add this to the comments box on your order.
Note: All Prior boards (except alpine models) are detuned approx. 3cm along the effective edge on the tip and tail.

Custom hot wax
For maximum wax saturation we iron on your desired temperature of wax thoroughly and let it set. Once it is dry, your board is scraped, brush structured and buffed for maximum glide and moisture release.

Wax options include:

  • Warm (+5°C to -6°C)
  • Universal (-7°C to -11°C)
  • Cold (-11°C and below)


Pro Tune
Pro Tune