Slasher 147

$599.00 CAD $749.00 CAD
This board has a miss drill that won't affect performance (resin filled hole by inserts that will be covered by bindings) - priced accordingly.
Powder Rocker
Slasher 147
Slasher 147
The Tech
Tech & Features

The Slasher takes inspiration from its bigger brothers the Powstick and Fissile. It can be ridden 3-5 cm shorter than the Fissile due its longer effective edge and short swallowtail.

A short radius, longer pow nose and small swallowtail primes this board to slay all terrain from top to bottom, in true Whistler fashion. It allows for tight carves, stays on top with ease and will even rail on groomers. 

Rider Type & Best For

Rider Type

Powder Connoisseurs of the finest order.

Best For

Powder of all kinds combined with tight trees, chutes and open bowls.

  • CAMBER: Powder Rocker
  • SHAPE: Directional Shape
  • FLEX: Mid Flex
  • CORE: Vertically Laminated Aspen Poplar core
  • BASE: 4001 Sintered DurasurfTM Base Die Cut
  • AVAILABLE CONSTRUCTION: Tri-axial E Glass or XCE Carbon
  • SIDEWALLS: UHMW polyethylene sidewalls

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Powder Rocker

Provides floatation and predictability in powder of all kinds, while it also allows the board to initiate sooner. Traditional camber in the tail provides additional power to drive off your back foot.

Powder Rocker

The Finer Details
Further Customization