Spark Surge 2017

$489.00 CAD 569.00

Unapologetically stiff and powerful, the Surge is built for big days on big lines. The Surge will put a charge in your backcountry riding; preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders for more power and greater control in demanding terrain.

  1. Features a stiffer version of the Rip ‘N’ Flip highback for riders who prefer maximum response.
  2. CNC machined baseplates remain solid for max stiffness and durability.
  3. Pre-curved, 3D low profile ankle and toe straps use Burton’s time tested and industry-leading fabrics, buckles, and plastics all made to our specifications
  4. And yes, in case there was any doubt, the Arc features Tesla T1 System anatomy: One Climbing Wire with 2-position Heel Rest, Snap Ramps, and Side-lock Touring Brackets.