Pow-Stick 160 #3238

$949.00 CAD

The Pow Stick is Prior's iconic big mountain tool. We have redesigned the nose and tail of this classic Prior ride to create a more nimble and versatile shape. In addition to the redesign we have added a couple of extra sizes for smaller riders or those wanting to use the pow stick as a more everyday powder weapon.

Soul turns in the deepest snow possible is this board's signature style. Although suited to big bowls and the surf inspired ride, be sure to not underestimate this boards quick edge to edge performance and nimble characteristics in the trees.

If you are chasing the deepest conditions on the daily, then this board is for you. 


Serial No: 2303238

Topsheet: Dogtown Red

Base: Prior Crown Blue/Yellow


Available for immediate pick-up in Whistler, ships within 1-2 business days.

Powder Rocker
Pow-Stick 160 #3238
Pow-Stick 160 #3238
Tech & Features

The Pow Stick, Prior’s swallowtail, is the king of big mountain directional powder boards.

The swallowtail breaks down resistance and allows for a more natural stance without the dreaded back leg burn. With limited taper and a long effective edge, the Pow Stick is surprising edge to edge and efficient in variable snow conditions; the tails also flex independently to increase mobility and provide a smooth transition to finish the turn.

Rider Type & Best For

Rider Type

Directional riders who have a fetish for untracked, open bowl powder.

Best For

Open powder bowls and glades...the deeper the better. Also rips the groomers like a carving machine.

  • CAMBER: Powder Rocker
  • SHAPE: Directional Shape
  • FLEX: Mid Flex
  • CORE: Vertically Laminated Aspen Poplar core
  • BASE: 4001 Sintered DurasurfTM Base Die Cut
  • AVAILABLE CONSTRUCTION: Tri-axial E Glass or XCE Carbon
  • SIDEWALLS: UHMW polyethylene sidewalls

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Powder Rocker

Provides floatation and predictability in powder of all kinds, while it also allows the board to initiate sooner. Traditional camber in the tail provides additional power to drive off your back foot.

Powder Rocker

The Finer Details
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