General FAQ

Are all your boards and skis made at your factory in Whistler, Canada?

Yes! All Prior products are manufactured in our one and only factory in Whistler.

What differentiates your snowboards and skis from other manufacturers?

First, we always use the finest materials available. Secondly, we have been handcrafting boards for some of the world's best riders since 1990 and this knowledge and know-how goes into every product we make. Third, the Prior boards and skis are made in Whistler by craftsmen whose lives revolve around the sport. The fourth, and most important differentiating factor, is the Prior ride. Prior snowboards and skis have been designed to provide unparalleled stability, control and performance in all winter conditions.

How does Hybrid Rocker affect the edge hold of my snowboard or skis?

Any Prior snowboard or skis with Hybrid Rocker will have similar edge hold to the same model built with traditional camber. Keep in mind that there is still camber under and between your feet and that the rocker or early rise in the tip and tail is minimal. The result is a ride that has excellent edge hold while providing an enhanced powder ride with more effortless edge-to-edge transition.

How long will it take to get my snowboard or skis after I order it?

If you order a snowboard or pair of skis that are currently in stock (ie. from the new in-stock/demo section), your order can be shipped or picked up the same day. The amount of time that an order takes to ship will depend on your location and which shipping option you choose.

Our build times vary based on production volume and seasonal needs. Despite the time of year we aim to have your order built within 4 weeks of confirming your order. Sometimes this time will vary but rest assured we are putting the time and effort into hand building your custom ride!

For full custom orders build time is typically 6-8 weeks due to the supplier requirements for non-inventory items.

Afraid you won't have your order in time for your big mission or trip? Don't worry we will do our best to accommodate rush orders that our communicated to us at

How will I know when my order has been shipped?

If you placed your order online, you will be emailed a tracking number and shipping confirmation on the day that we ship your order out. If you ordered in person or over the telephone, please make sure we have been given your email address and you will be emailed your tracking number on the day that your order is shipped.

Where do you ship to?

Prior ships everywhere. We have more than two decades of shipping experience to Prior customers from all over the world. Since we partnered with Fedex, we were able to provide even more affordable, reliable, and timely service for Prior customers around the globe.

Can I pick up my snowboard or skis in Whistler?

Yes, you can choose to 'Pick up at Prior Factory' as your shipping method when ordering online. We will contact you via email or telephone to let you know when your order is ready and we will hold it here at the Prior Factory/Store for you to pick up at your convenience.

How do I get to the Prior Factory/Store in Whistler?

Click here for our address and directions. If you are still having difficulty finding us, simply give us a call at 604-935-1923 or toll free 1-877-93-PRIOR.

What is your exchange rate between Canadian and other currencies?

It varies depending on the economic conditions. Click on for current exchange rates. We charge all purchases in Canadian dollars. We list some common exchange rate prices on our site for quick reference only and exchange rates vary depending on the current daily rate.

What is your warranty policy?

New Prior snowboards and skis come with a three-year warranty against defects in quality and workmanship.
For more information please go to our warranty information page.

Ex-Demos come with a 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated.

Can you repair non-warranty claims?

Yes. We repair Prior boards and skis for a reasonable price. Keep this in mind if you have some non-warranty damage, or if your warranty expires.

Do you make or sell bindings?

Yes, we sell a selection of softboot, alpine, splitboard and ski bindings and accessories. Click on accessories for more info.

Are sintered graphite bases faster?

Industry information says yes. Graphite reduces friction at moderate temperatures, thus increasing speed. In cold conditions and warm conditions this effect is negated. To ensure board speed it is most likely more important to keep your base in good condition and wax regularly.

Do you rent or demo snowboards and skis?

Yes. We have a full set of demo boards and skis at the Prior factory in Whistler that are available for C$25/day (+HST). We will take up to three demo days (C$75) off the purchase price of a new Prior board. Many of our Dealers also rent or demo Prior snowboards and skis. In addition, we perform free demo clinics at several resorts around the Pacific Northwest during the winter months. Check our demo schedule for dates and locations.

Do you have any used, factory seconds, or 'last years' snowboards and skis for sale at discount prices?

Yes. Please go to the Prior Ski and Board Rack for up-to-date product listings.

Can you tell me more about your factory in Whistler?

The Prior factory is specifically designed to handle small runs of high quality snowboards and skis. We produce a limited number of snowboards and skis to ensure that the integrity of our product is maintained. When you visit Whistler, please contact us to reserve a spot on one of our free factory tours.