Ski Questions

How long has Prior been making skis?

Prior built the first prototypes in March of 2002. We then tested and refined them for 18 months before releasing the Prior 'Original' to the public in the in the fall of 2004.

What size of Prior skis are right for me?

As a general rule Prior recommends sizing customers for skis with the "Use your Head" method. The key to this rule is simplicity. For Type 1 (novice) skier, size the skis with the tip approximately chin height. For Type 2 (intermediate) skier, use approximately nose height. Type 3 (expert) skiers will be sized correctly when the ski tip is at forehead height. Note: There are exceptions to the rule to be aware of. Many of Prior's customers are experts and have various requirements which may mean even longer or shorter lengths than recommended above. Please email a Prior ski representative for more information.

What kinds of custom options are available?

All customers can choose between various topsheet and base graphics to customize the look of their Prior skis. Original, Doughboy and Sister ski models can also come with an optional flat tail section to facilitate climbing skins at no extra charge. Prior skis can be made stiffer or softer upon request too (nominal upcharge will apply). Finally, you can also completely customize with your own graphics for a surcharge - go to Custom Graphics at the bottom of a product page for more info.

Where should I position the bindings on the ski when having them mounted?

The recommended boot centre (B/C) mounting position is marked on the sidewall of each Prior ski. Note: You may wish to adjust the position of the binding slightly forward or back depending on your skiing style. Please discuss options with the ski technician who is mounting your bindings.

Do you stock ski poles?

We currently stock collapsible ski poles which are great for backcountry use.