Splitboard Questions

Does Hybrid Rocker affect my ability to ascend on a splitboard?

No. Remember that the most of your skin traction comes from the area below your feet and this area still has camber. Also note that the early rise (rockered) tip and tail is subtle so you will be getting skin traction and edge hold in this area of the board half too. Early rise in the tip is beneficial as it makes it easier to stay above the snow when hiking in deep pow.

Is there a significant sacrifice in performance when using a Prior splitboard compared with a solid board?

No. Prior splitboards are torsionally stable and have a similar overall flex pattern to our proven freeride models. With the connective splitboard hardware in place, the splitboard rides just like a regular board. (Note: a quadglass splitboard weighs approximately 8% more than a regular board, however an XTC carbon splitboard weighs approximately 9% less than a regular board.)

How long does it take to do the splitboard changeover in the backcountry?

Once you've got your system dialed, it will only take a couple of minutes to switch over from boarding to touring mode and vice versa.

Do the heels have the capacity to lock down when in touring mode?

No. The current Voile and Karakoram setup are for freeheel mode only.

What can I do to help protect the nylon tip/tail clips on the Splitboards?

Most tip clip damage occurs while the boards are split apart. We recommend rotating your tip clips in so that the board protects them while in touring mode. The tip clips fit under the skin bars when in this position which is added protection. Also, while skinning, run your boards with the straight sidewall (middle of board) out. This provides additional control while skinning as well as reducing the chances of making contact with the tip/tail clips.
If you do break a nylon tip clip please contact us to arrange getting a replacement.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use and maintain my splitboard skins?

When drying your skins, hang them up separately with the glue on the outside. Once dry, stick both skins to both sides of a cheat sheet for storage.

Can you downhill ski on the splitboard when it is in touring mode?

You can certainly 'ski' downhill as necessary, but keep in mind that you will be freeheeling with a setup that was not designed for skiing. The result is more of a cross country skiing experience versus downhill. Also note that the splitboard halves will have a straight edge on one side, so they will not have the same effect as a regular downhill ski.