Voting 2018

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Amelia Sutjiadi

Digital vector artwork and illustration of Blackcomb (top) and Whistler (bottom) mountains. Submitted artwork contains transparency that allows the wood core or carbon construction to shine through.


Audrey May

 The guardians who watch over us without us even knowing are those creatures who have been in this area long before man discovered and named the Sea-to-Sky corridor. I love to blend patterns, textures and lines to form beautiful and mystical creatures we all might run into in our dreams.

Beatris Bogomilova

Canadian wild animals drawn on wood using the method of pyrography: burning in designs with a heated metal tip. It represents my personal style, which is simple, minimal, and off the edges with highly detailed textures. Who’s in for a wild ride?

Bianca Kodato

My piece was inspired on how the ‘winter life’ was prior to the human existence, animal extinction, and global warming.

Delbina Potenza

This artwork has a collection of my photos from Mt. Currie, Hwy4 to Tofino, Colorado and my home town on Bowen Island - four incredibly special and empowering places to me. The Tiger Spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, willpower and the ability to trust yourself. White tigers also represent peace throughout the world and is a reminder to be kind and respect everyone including the planet we live on.

Erik Jeffrey

A Stippled Illustration depicting nature and perception.

Ginette Guiver

For this design I got stuck into the style of the psychedelic 1960s. Poster artists at the time broke all the rules of conventional design to reflect the counterculture scene, they combined commercial printing and fine art, and I’m inspired by the highly skilled designs they created without any of the modern technology that I rely on. I also loved working in this style to highlight the social changes and revolutions of the 1960s which are still really relevant.

My topsheet design is a digital illustration with a British Columbia spin on the psychedelic themes of peace, love and mind alteration. The montage features the beautiful mountains that get me up in the morning; summer flowers; winter snow-covered trees; the sun and the moon overseeing my outdoor adventures and the momentary joys of bear-spotting and shooting stars.

And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be.
- Pink Floyd

Jenni Meskus

To glide on water. Liquid. Frozen. Weightless. The cold. The wind. The silence. One with the swells. One with the drifting snow. Step into it. Ride the Void.
To 30 years of Prior
To Chris

Luke Tyson

This submission for the Prior topsheet contest aims to share my passion for the mountains, the outdoors and my love for drawing by the means of a hand-illustrated scene. ‘Float_On’ is a hand drawn piece that was completed entirely with pen and black ink on scrap paper. The image has been post-processed digitally to demonstrate the desire to show the wood material through the design in certain locations.

The design derives from a different series of floating islands I have been doodling, originally inspired from the impossibility of a city residing on a floating rock, the cities themselves are not only visually but also spiritually disconnected from the natural landscape below them. We as mountain dwellers seek wilderness and nature, therefore the cities become less terrestrial
as they float on….


My style is primarily nature-based, with this piece in particular showcasing a few Sea-to-Sky specific elements. I’m always inspired by the ways artists combine so many otherwise separate elements of the outdoors and can curate them into a mosaic of sorts, so I wanted to attempt my own version of this style. The method I used for this piece is a combination of ink work and pointillism, with the silver accents as my first ever step outside of the realm of black and white.


Rebecca Piper

Every year as the season approaches, we wait patiently, hoping it’ll be the best season we’ve had, the season of the decade, the one you talk about for years to come. Every year, we pray for snow, we pray to Ullr.

Sam Woolman

Crystal Trees: 50.111223° N, 122.895005° W  This piece aptly named after where the shot was taken doubles as a subtle reminder that nature is fragile and even though our trees and natural eco systems seem strong they could easily be shattered irreparably like a crystal ball.

Simon Haiduk

Inspiring my creative expression is the majesty of nature with the love and appreciation that all life comes from the same source. In my dedication to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing art that inspires harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. Our collective appreciation for nature is a bridge that unifies us all. Each creation reflects an aspect of my journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities.


For me, art is more so explored through making Hats [@vanboxhead] and cheffing up a storm in the kitchen but I was interested in  putting pen to paper and designing a top-sheet for a piece of equipment that allows us to use unimaginable landscapes to express ourselves in new and creative ways.


Acrylic Galaxy inspired by the dancing backdrop the “Mysterious Legend of Kevin Bacon”

Michaela Ivancova

The artwork ‘we are back’ symbolizes power (whether intellectual or physical, personal or within a community), wealth (natural wealth but also economical prosperity of the area we are living in) and infinity (circle of life) by using materials as wood, copper and gold, and also the object – bison.



Dylan Neal

Mr. Tumness and Buttercup...The light crawled over the trees the dawn was near. Hippy lake was groovin’, fog lightly lifted off the mirror like Water the Doof was in full swing and the night was coming to an end for young Mr. Tumness. A light came from the trees a shimmer of something different. As he approached he saw her, the misplaced beauty laying in the bushes. Off to dream land they went, new friends ready to follow the yellow brick road off into summer.

After a quick week back in the bubble. A whisper came from the east. A place a ways away that held the key to Electric Love... Story continued on a print out floating around the factory....

Luana Kodato

For my topsheet design I made an acrylic painting which was inspired by how the sky looks during the night in the mountains.

Michael Ungureanu

I wanted to show how, in Whistler, we link lines from alpine to trees, and how we find our lines on topographical maps.  We find our zones, carve our lines, and leave our mark from peaks to trees to valley.  I hoped to do this with a pen and my shaky hands.

Jessica Finnegan

The design idea is inspired by my own acrylic painting of a colourful sea nettle jellyfish. Deep sea fascinates me and inspires my art. The opportunity to combine this with my love of the mountains would be awesome. Snowy peaks & the deep sea hold similarities for me in their comforting refuge to let us feel small to escape everyday stress & enjoy nature, just breathe. This gives me stoke, gets me excited & makes me feel alive :).

Bronwen Granger

Migration - Birds fly south for winter; snow lovers head north )or whatever direction the powder is in). This relationship between different migrating species, against the backdrop of our beautiful sea to sky landscapes, is the inspiration for this piece. I think that the way the population, both human and wildlife, changes seasonally here is unique and interesting and I wanted to capture this idea alongside the breathtaking mountains, mists, moon and constellations that inspire me daily.

Elina Krimele

I value clean, simple, and well balanced designs that reflect my experience in both graphic design and visual arts. This is an abstact mountain scene with minimalistic graphic elements, and simple colours. Aside from sketches, it was created digitally using a wacom tablet and adobe software.

Kelly Kurtz

Our proximity to the ocean a major factor in providing our epic proportions of snowfall annually, so this is a tribute to the “Sea” portion of “Sea to Sky” country. Inspiration was drawn from a peculiar yet beautiful bio-luminescent creature whose stark contrast to the dark ocean background makes for an interesting focal point. Jellyfish go with the flow, floating where the currents take them, propelling themselves into new waters.

Johnatan Bando

Do you love the Nature? Or do you love yourself playing in the Nature?

Jasper Fox

Thanks to our distributor @SouthernApproachNZ we extended our topsheet contest to the shores of New Zealand this winter. The prize for this competition was a set of custom skis or board, but also the chance to enter our topsheet contest as a wildcard. 
Connecting the Kea to Aoraki/Mount Cook through koru and seigaiha expresses the bond between between our own playful, inquisitive nature and our mountain playgrounds as well as the feelings of fun and freedom we get from spending time in the mountains. It also embodies our personal journeys of growth, resilience and exploration that intertwine with a love of skiing or snowboarding as well as the bonds we form with the people we meet and get to share these places and experiences with.