Full Custom Shape Snowboards

Can't see the snowboard you are looking for? Here at Prior we specialize in full custom builds. From picking your graphic, through to building a totally new board we can do it all. Tweak an existing model's specs, or completely design a new shape with us from scratch. The Process: Purchase this custom snowboard as you would any other made to order board. Make sure you select your construction type (Fibre glass or carbon), your preferred topsheet/ base graphics and tuning finish. Download our custom shape design guide and fill out the form. This can be found below using the CUSTOM SHAPE REQUEST download link Brainstorm what you envision as your perfect board. Make sure you fill out all sections in the design form, and include any further information that you think is relevant in the email you send us to return your form. Work with our design team as we develop and take your snowboard from concept to reality. Receive your dream board. CUSTOM ORDER FORM DOWNLOAD LINK: Cheat Sheet What specs can we adjust? Reference the design sheet, or the product rendering above to visually correlate all dimensions to the ski shape. With the full custom board program, you can customize all of these specifications at no extra charge. Board Length (L)  We can make you any length length up to 200cm long. If you are finding that you would like a board between sizes that we offer, then this is for you. Nose, Waist & Tail Width (N,W,T)  All Nose, waist and tail specs can be customized here at Prior. By adjusting your overall widths we can fine tune how much float you have, how easily your board will carve on piste, and how well it will ride switch. Stance & Offset (O & S)  We can adjust your effective stance offset, and stance width to design a board that is ridden exactly as you envision, with no compromises. Nose & Tail Shape (NS,TS)  Want to experiment with surf inspired nose shapes, or create a swallowtail charger? Draw us your perfect nose/ tail shape for us to emulate. Talk to us about how nose and tail shapes can affect the effective edge of your board, and how we can use this to tune your board's performance in deep snow. Radius  We can adjust the radius to your specifications - if you want a high speed charger or nimble, fast turning board we have you covered. Your radius will affect your overall widths, or effect edge length during the design process, so make sure you talk to us about which of these specs is most important for your dream board. Flex Pattern  We can adjust the flex of your board to your weight and rider type. Make sure you let us know how much you weigh, how aggressive your riding style is, and what flex profile you would like. Our standard design process is to scale the flex from 1-10 (soft-stiff) and determine flex in the tip, the tail and middle of the board.

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