Topsheet Voting 2019

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This is where I believe snow comes from: a Powder Hound up in the sky drools into our snow ancestors among the mountains and rain pours out the powder that we all crave here!



To be brief, I really just wanted to draw a vector style bear, so here we are! Everything was created in adobe illustrator.


I am submitting a design that is slightly removed from Prior’s current branding as i was set on doing something diverse. I feel that displaying a naturalistic environment is important to what British Columbia and Canada represent and combining the two brought me to this underwater setting.


This is a tribute piece to a dear cat I used to live with which has now passed on. The Kona Man floating through the galaxy on his space rock throne surrounded by his galactic space pooh. As Kona has passed from this realm, he continues to journey through the universe for all eternity.


I’m an art teacher at Pemberton Secondary, and this is my top sheet design which I truly hope you enjoy. Most white tigers do not make it to adulthood, but here is hoping this one finds a home in the whistler peaks.


As mountain riders we’re constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries; often swerving around what is expected of us in pursuit of the next thrill. I wanted this piece to reflect this quest - riding the boundaries between triumph and downfall, and outwitting fear in the name of ultimate stoke.


Whistler based illustrator Radek Pokorny, originally from Pilsen, Czech Republic, influenced by tattoo, comics and art nouveau, taking inspiration from mountain environment. Works with themes of nature, symbols and geometric elements. Radek works predominantly with black ink combining bold and fine lines.


Samm Moore is a multimedia artist graduate with a BFA in Film/Video and Integrated Media at Emily Carr University in Vancouver in 2017. Moore’s practice includes drawing, painting and video, but she specializes in pyrography. This original is all hand burnt into wood.


I have a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Advertising from previous studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My graphic designs have always been very dark and morbid. I have a knack for creating creepy things and my aim with this design was to stay true to my own style and personality.


My Top Sheet Design depicts a Cosmic Jungle Goddess. The artwork relays the concept of a ‘Mother Earth’ figure that is beyond our tangible world. The materials used were felt-tip fine liner pens, grey lead pencils and four pieces of acid free watercolour paper. The slightly textured surface of the paper and the technique of stippling allowed me to achieve the detailing and depth within the artwork.



A collage of photos that I’ve taken of the mountains in BC during my time in Canada.

I hope seeing this and the fresh dustings we’ve had recently gets your frothing for the season to come.


here is a centerpiece, which is the mountain, that is actually just another iceberg floating within a raging ocean. Hidden in the depths of the ocean Zeus reveals himself. His cranium was cracked open and he’s struggling to fight Athena, the owl. The owl and Zeus are connected. They are the same thing. Zeus is struggling against himself.